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Onion Benefits for Skin

Fresh onions contain antioxidants, vitamins and sulfur to keep your skin bright, soft and supple. You can apply a small pad or onion juice to your face for a naturally radiant glow. In fact, eating raw onions will remove impurities and purify the blood. It can make a skin shiny. There are many onion benefits for skin. The combination of refined vegetable oils and refined carbohydrates of onion has good effects on your health.

When you use onion juice for skin, it stimulates collagen production, helping to produce healthier skin cells on the face and hair. It relieves skin problems and infections, stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss.

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Pure wheat flour promotes inflammatory bowel disease, while fried foods spoil omega-6 fatty acids and cause oxidative stress to the cells. Therefore, onions are not good for health.

Eating onions naturally improves eyesight because it contains vitamins A, C and E that are essential for your eyes. In addition to these vitamins, onions are also rich in sulfur, which prevents the formation of cataracts, thereby preventing damage to the eyes.

All you need to do is chop the onions and mix them in a blender until they form a juice. Then apply directly to the hair. It’s better to add extra ingredients like lemon or yogurt, as onions can sting a bit on the skin.

You can use onion for skin care when combined with turmeric. The mixture can remove dark spots or dark spots on the skin due to the vitamin C content, helping to lighten the skin tone. If your skin is fragile, do not apply onion juice directly. Rub onion juice into the skin to help disinfect and fight acne and other skin infections. You can also combine onion juice with almond oil or olive oil to make a face mask for acne scars. Onion juice also helps heal insect bites and burn scars.

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