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Guide to Wedding Day Nail Colors

On the wedding day, a photoshoot to keep the sweet memories within the album is necessary. The bride is the main concern that day. So, she must have planned something special. While planning specials for the day, then why avoiding Wedding Nail Polishes? Ladies are getting confused to choose the best Bridal Nail Polishes for the day. Let’s see what are the best Wedding Day Nail Colors.

Orly Sheer Nude

It’s a completely 9 free gel color. It comes in off-white color. Will look stunning on white dresses and gowns. Doesn’t put any effect on the skin.

Essie Topless and Barefoot

Being neutral like white is a great fact to enhance the personality. White is the only color which suits everything. This nail polish comes with shades.

Deborah Lippmann

This comes in pink color. However, you have options to select light pink or dark pink. There is no effect on skin tone. Suits with any color. However, you can add double or triple coating with nail polish as what seems perfect to you.

Essie Ballet Slipper

Perfect for long sharp nails. The deep pinkish color at the tip of the nail will make it prominent while having photoshoots. It’s also effective to enhance beauty.

light colors

Olive and June

While trying light colors for matching dresses, you can try a light blue smokey color for your nails. Olive and June BP have a steel blue color in it. Worth to give a try.

Zoya Kristen

Zoya Kristen has a blue and white mixture in it. Not smokey but the faded layer of the Zoya Kristen, will give the perfect hue for your wedding.

Nail polish is a small ornament. But it has high potential and can enhance your beauty to the next level. To have an amazing aura at your best of life, don’t make any mistakes while selecting the nail polish.

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